Thursday, June 21, 2007

In the begining...

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the Lily Pads Jewelry blog!

I bet you are wondering who Lily is and why she has pads and what the hell that has to do with Jewelry...

Here's your first hint:

Ok, Lily is our dog and the pads are her feet. She's the apple of mom's eye, so she gets top billing.

Lily Pads Jewelry is a lovely shop on where we sell handmade beaded jewelry. Our items are made with high quality sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Check it out here or in our links at the left.

This blog is for updates in our shop and "What's Doin'" here at Lily Pads Jewelry. We'd also like to network with other artists and our customers. Feel free to leave comments about our shop/blog/dog/jewelry/whatever you wish!

Now "What's Doin'?" I'm glad you asked... We have recently enrolled in a Silversmithing class so we can branch out from just the beading and do some really custom work. We will keep you posted on how that is going. "We've only just begun." (Hmm isn't that a lame song or something? Kudos if you know!)

Have a splendiferous day!